Why Virtually owning a business is divine

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I love kapilands.(http://www.kapilands.com) It’s a free internet based industry simulator that has all of the fun of building your own multi-million dollar empire without any of the hassle of forms, attorneys, taxes and customers.

 Yes. I know I’m in customer service, which is why it’s nice to take a break.

 It’s a great piece of simulated virtual goodness. If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a business tycoon, I recommend you check it out.


So here it is.

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You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

 Seriously, why get nasty with the poor schmoe who has to take your call. They didn’t decide that you were due a Rate increase, late fee, loss of promotion, etcetera etcetera….

 Make the rep who takes your call feel like you’re the victim, not the asshole who’s got what’s coming to him /her.

 There are times when we can decide who gets the carrot and who gets the stick, and there are times when we can’t.

 If we can’t – you, my friend, are shit out of luck. If we can, you can bet we’re not going to help the belligerent asswipe who’s decided that “The customer is always right” means that they have the right to be an abusive tool.

 Do yourself a favor, make the rep your ally if you can, we like nice customers, and believe it or not… we like helping people. That’s why we chose customer service as a career.

Your choice. I can happily put your request in the circular file, or I can do my best to find you a way out of the hole you’ve found yourself in.

Cash Advances on your Credit Card

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Don’t do it. Just don’t.

First off, the catch is, you start accruing interest from the moment the ATM spits out money into your grubby little hands. Yes, it’s cheaper than a payday loan, but you’re much better off if you’re in a bind paying your utilities or needs with your card as a purchase.

One: you have time to pay it back before being charged for using it. And Two: you won’t be paying 20%+ APR for the priviledge.

And don’t think for one second that we don’t know you’re using borrowed cash. That data goes to the bureaus like everything else, and you could end up having all your other cards and loans go to the universal default for the “We don’t think you know what you’re doing with borrowed money” clause violation.

 Be smart, do without that latte or that haircut until next payday. Better yet, work on your emergency fund for when things get rough.

There is no such thing as bad publicity

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Unless you’re Paris Hilton

CCP the makers of Eve Online, an online universe filled with would-be astronauts has announced they will be creating an oversight commitee, following some recent scandals.

I play Eve, and enjoy it thoroughly, and really I don’t care at all what goes on in the darkened corridors of power. As long as I can pop in and have my moments of escape, I’m a happy camper. It certainly beats hanging out with the kiddies over at World of Warcraft.

Now don’t get me wrong, WoW is an excellently crafted online game, but the community there is like scraping your testicles with a Cheese Grater. Stimulating and funny to start with, but ultimately painful and bloody.

But I digress, getting mentioned in the main-stream press has to be good for business.

Unless you’re Paris Hilton, that is.